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The number one compliment that we receive is that we are clean, friendly and professional.  Fitting a bathroom takes time so it’s best to have someone in your home who you are happy with from the outset.


Unlike a lot of other companies we do not charge upfront for our services.  In fact, the quote that we offer is a fixed price for the installation from start to finish.  The only reason the quote can increase is if we have to order more tiles on your behalf or if you ask for additional work to be carried out.  At the end of the job you will be presented with a pre-agreed invoice.


Fitted correctly, a bathroom can typically take around 10 working days to complete.  Unlike some other companies we do not take short cuts.  For instance, we will always recommend that a bath or shower area is tanked to avoid future problems of water penetration and damp.  We always recommend a suitable tiling membrane over wooden floors.  We use the best quality materials even though they are more expensive than others.  In short, we would prefer that the bathroom is fitted correctly from the outset and that short cuts are not taken.


We have heard of a lot of companies taking months to complete a bathroom where fitters only seem to work two or three days a week as they are busy finishing others jobs.  We invoice at the end of the job so it is in our interests to stay on the same job from start to finish.


We offer a 12 month workmanship guarantee.  This means not only are snagging issues taken care of, but you have peace of mind in knowing that we take pride in the service we offer.  If you have a problem after the installation has finished you can call us and we will rectify the problem without further additional cost to you.  It is not the problem that matters, it’s how the problem is rectified that matters.