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Here, we will try to answer as many questions that you might have before we meet.

Do You Have A Qualified Electrician? 2015-05-26T09:25:15+02:00

We always use a qualified electrician for all electrical work. Once work has been completed you will receive an electrical safety certificate.

Do You Tile On Tile? 2015-05-26T09:21:48+02:00

Never! Plastered walls are only able to take a certain amount of weight (usually 20kg per square metre) and tiles can weight a lot. Tiling on top of other tiles means that the weight is doubled plus we don’t know how good the adhesive was under the first tiles. Tiling over old tiles is simply a recipe for disaster and puts your family at risk.

All of our projects involve removing old tiling and most projects involve removing the damaged plasterboard too. By installing new board we know that the job has been done correctly but more importantly, it has been done safely.

How Long Will The Project Take? 2015-05-26T09:14:41+02:00

This depends on the complexity of what is involved but the main point to note is that once we have started your project, we stay on it 5 days per week until it is finished. This means that we complete the project as quickly as we can thereby reducing inconvenience to you and your family.

Do You Offer Any Guarantees? 2015-05-26T09:09:41+02:00

We offer a one year workmanship guarantee as standard on all of our projects. This guarantee is on addition to the guarantees you get from product providers such as bath companies, brassware manufacturers etc.

Do You Offer A Fit Only Service? 2015-05-26T09:06:26+02:00

No. We used to do a fit only service but found that virtually every job had problems with items not fitting, wrong products, poorly made products or items simply not arriving on time which held us up.

The main benefits of a design, supply and fit service to everyone is that good quality items are sourced and fitted. We know which are the best products to order, whch work best and when they are needed.

How Long Does It Take To Fully Fit A Bathroom? 2015-05-03T08:08:22+02:00

Bathroom projects vary depending on the complexity of the installation.  Day one is always spent removing the old bathroom suite and tiles etc.  It is often the case that plasterboarded walls are damaged by the tiles and need to be removed too.  There are usually a few days of prep work such as installaing pipework, electrics and decoration.  Tiling starts and can take up to 4 days for a fully tiled room including grouting.  The new items can then be fitted.

This is a fairly standard scenario and usully takes 9-10 working days.  We don’t take breaks away from the job other than weekends so the room is finished as soon as we can make it happen.


How Much Does A New Bathroom Cost? 2015-05-03T08:25:00+02:00

How long is a piece of string?  There is no easy answer for this question.  Every bathroom is different and everyone has different design choices and cost parameters.  Even a very basic fit would cost around £3000 for supply of decent sanitaryware and fitting.  The internet is full of ‘cheap’ offers but we would never supply them nor would we fit them.  We offer a workmanship guarantee as standard on all refits and we would not want that guarantee tarnished by supplying or fitting sub standard items.

The old saying is true, you get what you pay for.  We know that we are not the cheapest bathroom fitters and we don’t want to be!  We do, however, want to offer a quality service, offer quality items at reasonable prices, offer our customers everything they wish for and leave customers happy with their new bathrooms.

Will Fitting A New Bathroom Be Messy? 2015-05-03T08:32:59+02:00

The messiest part of the job is removing the old bathroom.  We do everything we can to minimize dirt and dust.  Dust sheets are laid from the front door to your bathroom.  We use an air filter which is usually positioned just outside the room.  This is capable of recycling 720 cubic metres of air per hour and catches the vast majority of air-bourne dust.  We also have the hoover connected to power tools to catch dust and at the end of each day we take up the dust sheets and hoover the work area.  In short, there really isn’t a lot more we could do to minimize mess and or past customers have always been very pleased with how tidy we were.

We supply a skip for the refit which will be included in your quotation.

You Keep On Mentioning Tanking. Why Have No Other Fitters Mentioned Tanking? 2015-05-03T08:54:45+02:00

Tanking is creating a waterproof area within the bathroom, usually around the bath or shower or if it is a wetroom, the whole room itself.

The most common claim in the UK insurance industry is for escaping water.  If water is able to get behind a tile in a wet area then the plasterboard is quickly ruined.  Water can then damage the floor area, supporting joists and the ceiling  below.  All of this can happen very quickly and can easily be avoided by having the wet area tanked in the first place.

But tiles are waterproof aren’t they?  For the most part they are (depends on what type of tile is used) and grout is always avertised as being waterproof.  Grout is a cement based product so does absorb water to a certain extent.  The fact that it is advertised as being waterproof means that it does not break down in the presence of water.

We always tank wet areas.  As far as we are concerned it is a releatively cheap insurance policy for the future of your bathroom.