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Wetrooms offer a stylish addition to your home and are currently sought after. Put simply, a wetroom is a drain in the floor of your bathroom. Naturally the wetroom needs to have the correct gradient to enable water to flow to the drain but this is often achieved using pre-formed trays. It is common to tile a wetroom from floor to ceiling to ensure that the room remains water-tight.

The advantages of a wetroom are:-

  • They look great, are super stylish and add a real ‘wow factor’ to your home.  They can also increase the value of your home too
  • They are easier to keep clean.
  • No step to get into the shower area – everything is on the same level
  • No pre-determined size.  Unlike shower trays, a wetroom tray can be whatever size you wish so it fits the room perfectly
  • Opens up the room – A  wetroom shower tray in a small room can make the room look bigger
  • Watertight – Because the whole room needs to be tanked for a wetroom, it means that the room is far more water-tight than it would have been with a conventional shower tray or bath

The Disadvantages:-

  • Cost – A wetroom will always cost more than a conventional shower tray.  There is far more labour involved and the whole of the shower area and floor needs to be tanked
  • Door transition – It is advisable to set the door transition 5mm higher than the finished floor.  This means that if the drain was ever blocked by a towel or other item, the room could hold a significant amount of water before damaging the rest of the house
  • Although a wetroom can be fitted on a DIY basis a lot can go wrong if tanking systems are fitted incorrectly.  For this reason a professional fit is recommended.
  • Tile costs – a wetroom needs to have a fully tiled floor throughout