Will Fitting A New Bathroom Be Messy?

/Will Fitting A New Bathroom Be Messy?

Will Fitting A New Bathroom Be Messy?

The messiest part of the job is removing the old bathroom.  We do everything we can to minimize dirt and dust.  Dust sheets are laid from the front door to your bathroom.  We use an air filter which is usually positioned just outside the room.  This is capable of recycling 720 cubic metres of air per hour and catches the vast majority of air-bourne dust.  We also have the hoover connected to power tools to catch dust and at the end of each day we take up the dust sheets and hoover the work area.  In short, there really isn’t a lot more we could do to minimize mess and or past customers have always been very pleased with how tidy we were.

We supply a skip for the refit which will be included in your quotation.

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