5 Luxury Items You Could Have In Your Next Bathroom

//5 Luxury Items You Could Have In Your Next Bathroom

5 Luxury Items You Could Have In Your Next Bathroom

Everyone likes a bit of luxury and the bathroom is no different to any other room in the house when it comes to adding some ‘bling.’

So what items could you add to your next bathroom that will have your guests wondering whether you picked some lucky numbers?

A Waterproof Television

No one expects to see a television in the bathroom but they’re available.  It’s just like any other TV in the house but sits within a waterproof frame.  Cost varies as does size but if you want the wow factor this is one option to consider.


A Bluetooth Bathroom Cabinet

The bathroom cabinet has evolved.  Of course you can still have the basic version with mirrored doors etc but if you want something special you can have one with swipe on/off sensor, LED lighting, demister pad and bluetooth speakers.  It will even charge your tooth brush too.


LED Lighting

Lighting is often overlooked when planning new bathrooms.  We have seen so many examples of a nice room but with one lonely looking bulb on the end of a ceiling rose.  A bathroom should be an oasis of light so downlights work best because they create arcs of light.  LED bulbs can be used but you can also opt for LED strip lighting under cabinets and behind displays that create mood and tranquility.


Underfloor Heating

No one likes stepping out of a warm bath on to cold tiles so underfloor heating though practical, can be considered a luxury.  It also works well in wetrooms to dry the floor quickly after a shower.


A Digitally Controlled Shower And Bath

If you want the ultimate in control you can have a single digital panel anywhere in the room that controls the exact temperature and flow of the bath or shower or both.  There is no need for the shower valve or bath taps so this option takes minimalist to the next level.





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