Villeroy & Boch CeramicPlus

The benefits of CeramicPlus In addition to its standard ceramic range, Villeroy & Boch has added CeramicPlus to its range of options which greatly improves the properties of the ceramic. CeramicPlus gives the surface a permanent high quality finish smooth finish which offers optimum hygiene levels and is easier to clean. CeramicPlus is available exclusively [...]

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How To Use Mapei Aquadefense

Mapei Aquadefense is a liquid tanking system used in residential and commercial environments.  If you have a shower or bath area that needs to be tanked prior to tiling then Mapei Aquadefense is a good product to start with. Once the background surface has been sealed Aquadefense can easily be applied using a roller and [...]

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5 Luxury Items You Could Have In Your Next Bathroom

Everyone likes a bit of luxury and the bathroom is no different to any other room in the house when it comes to adding some 'bling.' So what items could you add to your next bathroom that will have your guests wondering whether you picked some lucky numbers? A Waterproof Television No one expects to [...]

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Can I Have A Low Profile Shower Tray?

Shower trays tend to come in two types, the classic chuncky design that have a large lip or the low profile trays which are often around 40mm high or lower.  Most showrooms and bathroom catalogues tend to show low profile trays in their designs simply because they look great.  Having a low profile tray creates [...]

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Why Tanking Shower & Bath Areas Is Important

We have never considered tanking as an option.  As far as we are concerned if a bath or shower  is to be fitted, it should be done correctly. So what is tanking?  Put simply tanking is a waterproof membrane.  Tanking systems are used in wet areas before the tiles are fitted.  The tanking systems can [...]

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Thermostatic shower valve versus Manual Valve

Essentially there are two types of shower valves, thermostatic and manual.  A thermostatic valve maintains a constant set temperature.  As long as the valve is set to your preferred temperature you simply turn the shower on and it will maintain that temperature.  A manual valve, on the other hand, involves adjusting the temperature for your [...]

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Types Of Tiles

For a long time now tiles have proved to be a hugely popular choice of furnishing for homes and businesses.  Tiles offer a hard wearing attractive look to a room and come in an enormous variety of shapes and sizes.  So what types of tiles are there? Ceramic Tiles Ceramic tiles can be glazed or [...]

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